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Omicron Variation, Symptoms and News Data: No Alarm in Italy

Omicron Variation, Symptoms and News Data: No Alarm in Italy

The Omigron variant is also available in Italy, changing the delta variant and dominating Christmas in two weeks.. The first data and news from South Africa identified the variant, recognizing a moderate belief: the symptoms appear mild, there is no rise in hospital admissions due to the increase in infections due to the characteristics of the variant, and are more contagious than in the delta. As highlighted by the European pharmaceutical company EMA, the film is still active.

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EMA: “Omigron may dominate Christmas”

“We do not know if the Omicron variant will change the delta for Christmas, but it does happen, but we do not know,” said Marco Cavaleri, chairman of the anti-Govt vaccination task force, which discusses the spread of the variant in Europe. .

Cases associated with infections of the Omigron variant “seem to be the mildest of all”, With less severe symptoms. However, Cavaleri points out that additional evidence needs to be collected to determine whether the severity of the disease caused by Omigran is different from all other types of spectrum distributed so far. “And only time – he insists – will say”. “We are in the fourth wave, and the only way to bend the curve is to combine high vaccination rates and measures. We need to vaccinate as many citizens as possible,” he reiterated.

South Africa, promotes data and news

Cavaleri’s words coincide with the first significant data coming from South Africa: Omigron causes mild goiter symptoms and appears to be less dangerous. Less than one-third of the Kovit patients admitted to the hospital during the last wave in the country have severe symptoms: initially at the stage of the two previous waves, the stock rose by two-thirds. According to data released by the National Institutes of Communicable Diseases (NICD), 1,633 people were admitted to hospitals in Pretoria from November 14 to December 8. Severe cases make up 31% of the total: These are affected people who need oxygen or mechanical ventilation.

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At the initial stage of the first and second wave, the percentage reached 67 and 66, respectively. More complete and clear. The report does not mention the possible vaccination of patients, so it is not clear how much the vaccine can control the severity of the disease.

As the Guardian points out, covet cases have increased by 255% in the past week. However, the increase in cases did not produce a significant increase in intensive care admissions, as evidenced by the picture outlined by Netcare, one of the pillars of private health in the country. “About 90 percent of the patients admitted to our hospitals do not need oxygen,” Richard Friedland told the Daily Maverick. “In previous waves, 26% of Govt patients needed intensive care in group hospitals.

OMICRON in Italy, no alarm

In Italy, the scenario is outlined by epidemiologist Donado Greco, a member of the Council for Technical Sciences (CTS). “To date, the data tell us that there is a” presence of omigron variant “in Europe and that there are a dozen isolations in Italy, and that it is no longer as contagious as originally thought, and is certainly less pathogenic., Announced yesterday by the WHO. Three doses of the anti-govt vaccine are “safe against this variant as well.

“All of this is leading us to an end today – in the event of new data this could certainly change – which means we don’t have to worry about Omicron.” So there is no alarm saying, “Omigran is likely to spread in our country. It is not done now, and if we do, we will be protected by three dose vaccines.”

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