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“I am recovering from cancer”, Paola Perego and the sad story of the disease: how it is today

“I am recovering from cancer”, Paola Perego and the sad story of the disease: how it is today

Sometimes, when you discover serious health problems, it's hard to even talk about them. Paola Perego She found the courage and wanted to make all her fans aware of her life-changing health issues. However, the presenter also revealed her diagnosis to warn as many people as possible about this increasingly common disease. The broadcaster also took advantage of the cameras to thank the tremendous support she received from the audience. to choose very right Paula tells what happened in the last months of her life.

At the beginning of the year, he is known as the presenter of the program She had announced on social media that she had undergone surgery without providing many details. However, Paula reveals to Sylvia that it was a partial nephrectomy, which was discovered after a kidney tumor was discovered. Paula immediately made it clear that her intention – in talking about the matter on television – was not to talk about her personal matters and draw attention to herself, but rather to highlight – with her own experience – the importance of preventive medical examinations to prevent the spread of cancer. .

The broadcaster also took the opportunity to thank the medical team that helped her, and highlighted the crucial role that early diagnosis played in her treatment course.

Paola Perego reveals how she discovered she had cancer

a Silvia TofaniPaula Perego told how the diagnosis had a positive impact on her life. This discovery happened by chance during a routine examination. This specifically prompted Paula to perform more tests and quickly confirm the kidney cancer diagnosis. What surprised many was that Paula did not immediately understand the seriousness of her situation.

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The cancer experience made Paula think about the fragility and importance of her health Pay attention to your body's signals Which we sometimes tend to underestimate. Paula has repeatedly stressed how – at first – she tended to downplay the seriousness of her condition, a common attitude. Many people faced the possibility of illness Serious and dangerous like cancer. But with time and the support of friends and doctors, the presenter slowly began to come to terms with the reality of her condition, realizing the frightening possibility that her body could continue to produce cancer cells.

Before the surgery, Paula chose not to tell her children the truth to avoid making them worry about her too much. Paula told them the operation was to remove a benign cyst. Recounting her experience, Paula explained that even in the face of adversity and revelations like this, information about the disease itself, prevention, and support from friends and family are essential to being able to heal and never give up hope.