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Focus and Discovery of Medicine in the Ancient World – Tv

Focus and Discovery of Medicine in the Ancient World – Tv

(ANSA) – ROME, JANUARY 01 – “Focus”, Mediaset’s thematic network at 35 from remote dedicated to publishing directed by Marco Costa, on Mondays January 2, 9 and 16, in prime time, presents three specials curated by Laura Pepe is on a journey to discover the medical knowledge of the ancient Romans (and not only).

In “Potions, Spells, Medicines – Medicine in the Ancient World,” the famous archaeologist and author reveals how ancient Rome’s physicians diagnosed, operated on, and treated the most serious ailments, and what the overlaps were between medicine, religion, folk beliefs, and herbalism. need.

Pepe also explains – through the study of historical sources and forensic science, and their application to skeletons from Roman times – what can be understood today about the state of health of these citizens, the diseases from which they died so often, their diet and the practices by which they ensured their psychological and physical well-being. (Dealing).

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