Saturday, July 20, 2024

Hotel guests steal from the room and are caught on camera. They took the towels too.


They took lamps, electrical appliances and even towels. A couple stole the can from the hotel. They only left soap and shampoo. Then as he walks away…

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They took lamps, electrical appliances and even towels. a Husband He stole the can from the hotel. hA year left only soap and shampoo. Then, when they left with bags full, they smiled at the security cameras before disappearing. The two arrived at the hotel.Dolphin Hotel and Restaurant in Galway, Ireland) without luggage, but went back to the car to fetch empty bags to fill with items from their room.

Georgian thieves caught in Petralata, a couple of bandits (26 and 27 years old) chased to the roof


Disappeared from the room were two white bath towels, an electric fan, two lamps, a kettle, a tea container and a USB accessory. value? About £200 (or just over €230).

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Owner shock

Hotel owner Natalie Newton, 43, said: “The only thing they didn’t take was shampoo and soap from the bathroom. I can’t believe how rude they are – the man appears to be smiling at the camera in a closed circuit.” “On the stairs. They were very friendly at check-in, but I thought it was a little weird because other than the ladies’ handbag they didn’t have luggage.” What do you think about what happened? “They are terrible people, they make fun of hard working people like me and my staff.”

Pictures posted

Natalie posted CCTV footage on social media, asking people to come forward to locate and expose them. The couple used to book a room at the newly opened Dolphin Hotel in Pembroke Dock, West Wales. But their card was declined before they arrived and the women gave Natalie a different one when the couple arrived at the hotel at 8.45pm last Saturday.


They had no luggage and after going to their room for 10 minutes they went to the bar and had their drinks outside so the man could smoke. The next morning they checked out late and left when the hotel staff entered the room and discovered the theft

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