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High electricity bill due to computer?  Infallible methods of preservation

High electricity bill due to computer? Infallible methods of preservation

Computers can involve very high electricity costs. There are tricks to avoid paying staggering bills, let's see which ones.

Even a regular computer can pollute and consume a large amount of electricity.

What is the impact of computers on the bill? –

Typically, if it runs for at least nine hours a day, Uses up to 175 kWh per year. Fortunately, there are some useful and effective tricks that allow you to save a lot of money, especially for those who have to use a computer at work.

Firstly, Computers are equipped with a “Power saving” option.It can be accessed via the battery icon. In the power saving settings, functions of (slowing down) the rotation of the hard disk are available, which allows you to reduce consumption by up to 90%.

Some computer models They have a CPU power monitoring setting Depending on the processor load.

Deactivating the screen saver is very useful to save money. Contrary to what one might think, Standby mode also consumes a significant amount of power. For this reason, you should always turn off your computer if you are not using it; In this way, your invoice costs will be reduced by 30%, for a total of approximately €250 per year.

It is necessary to disconnect the device when the computer is not activeBecause it can absorb electrical energy even when it is not running. You can use a multi-socket with a switch, which also allows you to turn off any other devices connected to the computer (modem, printer, speakers, scanner).

Finally, we recommend it Reduce screen brightness.

Desktop or laptop, which one consumes more? Choice is key

Those who cannot apply the advice we have just suggested and have to use the computer for many hours a day, Money can be saved by purchasing a laptopWhich consumes much less than fixed devices.

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Do you use more than one desktop or laptop computer? –

The savings are due to the materials used. The internal components of laptops are fewer than those of desktop computers, and laptops are not equipped with external devices that consume power.

To understand the real difference between desktops and laptops in terms of power consumption, it is useful to analyze the cost elements on the bill in detail. For a laptop, the average consumption ranges from 20 to 50 watts, but can extend up to 130 watts. On the other hand, desktop computers consume from 60 to 70 watts up to 250 watts; Just think that a single monitor, if it is LED, wastes approximately 70 watts, while a video card wastes up to 100 watts.