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Repetition block: As long as it is the span.  Draghi: "I took a step forward."

Repetition block: As long as it is the span. Draghi: “I took a step forward.”

Rome, May 25, 2021 – The open match is tense over Prevent layoffs, Which was extended by the government until June 30 after the agreement reached last night at the table in Shigi Palace. Mediation between companies and unions looks more like a truce than peace. But Draghi still expresses his satisfaction: “We have taken a step forward, and I hope that unions and companies find themselves in mediation,” the prime minister said at a press conference after the Council of the European Union. Words that come after hours of long distances between the social partners involved in mediation.

Confindustria Labor Secretary attacked Orlando who, according to industrialists, would have entered the extension in August – and then skipped – without warning, “out of the bag.” The minister who would have infuriated Draghi himself moved toward Orlando and the Democratic Party. On the other hand, the unions demand to keep the blockade until October and remember that so far no agreement has been betrayed, promising a fight.


The Orlando package expects the block to expire at the end of next month for large companies, while the deadline for small businesses is October 31. Extension to August 28 – Which the minister was targeting. For companies that have required Covid cig to have the Sostegni bis decree enter into force by the end of June. On the other hand, it was emphasized that companies could use the regular surplus fund, starting from July 1, without having to pay additional fees until the end of 2021 with a commitment not to layoff for the entire period in which they use them. He. She.

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Draghi said: “The mediation has held up and is a significant improvement in both the situation that has seen a slight and simple end to the blockade, and the situation that has seen a continuation through October and December.” “The planned intervention is in line with other EU countries – the prime minister adds -. The way is to guarantee Cig free of charge even after July 1 in exchange for a commitment to no fire.” And again: “I hope that the unions and companies will find themselves in this mediation.” .

According to business leader Carlo Bonomi, the Undersecretary for Labor, Tiziana Niseni, who spoke about an ambush in Orlando, is right. “We met the minister – as Bonomi said – and an agreement was reached to extend the blockade until June 30th. Then we found ourselves faced with an unexpected and unacceptable change in style,” Bonomi said.

The response of the Secretary General of the Independent Public Group for Reconstruction and Development is ready, Maurizio Landini: The confrontation between the government and the social partners over the prevention of layoffs occurred 20-30 days ago and it was not possible to agree on a position. “Then we read in the newspapers that the Confederacy has an agreement with someone but it is not clear with whom and with whom.”

But Bonomi is very difficult: “We are facing a minister who proposes an obstruction on August 28, while Parliament votes at the same time to stop layoffs until June 30.” So the impulse: “If there are no foundations for the institutional loyalty relationship, it will be very difficult” to get out of the crisis.

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Still on Landini’s barricades: “The message being presented, hearing Confindustria too much is that problems will be solved freely of exclusion. I think – he said – it’s the wrong message.”

For the union, “If companies have resources and they are given funding and have the opportunity to use cash handling without paying for it, it shouldn’t be an option to lay off or not to rely on what is appropriate. If you have public help, if you even have tools that can In recent months, it avoids resorting to layoffs at no additional cost, as it should become a restriction for companies to use these tools instead of resorting to layoffs. Landini interrupted: “For us, the game on the iteration block is not over.”

If there is a risk as of 1 July that thousands of people will be left without work, that is why The government “listened a little to Confindustria”.

Even CISL Secretary General Luigi Spara warns of the consequences of this action: the position taken by the government on preventing layoffs “is a weak solution, unable to stop the social and professional tsunami risks that will come with coming out. From the block.”

According to Spara, “The government should follow its steps, and urgently open discussions with the social partners in order to reach common solutions. This chaos is the result of a lack of consultation on labor issues included in the“ Susteni Peace ”decree.

Pierre Paulo Bombardieri, leader of the Union of Iraq and Peace, also spoke. “This week – he asserts – while we demand“ no deaths at work, ”someone is calling for“ no rights, ”which are the same employers’ associations that received, this year, 74% of state funding in favor of companies. Then he remembers the Friday demonstration in front of Montecitorio: “We will be on the streets to make our voices heard. We are always there to solve problems and find solutions: we hope everyone will appeal to their sense of responsibility to avoid setting the country on fire.”

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