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Here is the government’s agenda.  But the accounts do not add up

Here is the government’s agenda. But the accounts do not add up

The issue of the purchasing power of wages and salaries is of central importance. To favor wage dynamics, it is certainly necessary to intervene in reducing the tax and social security wedge. Among the obligations of the legislature there 5% wedge reduction And we will work on this.” The Minister of Labor said: Marina Elvira Calderone Interview by printing.

Annuities: We start again on the nineteenth

Another central theme still from annuities In this regard, the minister stressed that the obligation is to give citizens a clear picture.

We will start discussing it on January 19 with the first meeting with the social partners. It is necessary to make the whole system more organic in order to give certainty to workers that they have the right to know clearly the requirements for retirement and under what terms, if any, they can file their retirement. In addition to the first pillar of pensions, it is necessary to intervene to facilitate coordination with the second pillar, with supplementary pensions, in which it is also important to invest in terms of organizational and procedural simplification.

Minimum wage: two years

As for Minimum salary “We have two years to implement the European minimum wage directive. In Italy, high-quality collective bargaining has given ample answers over time. This may be the way to go, thinking about how to broaden its application and assessing the possibility of verifying that the collective agreements of the most representative associations become more Objective reference for various groups with regard to wages.

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But the accounts do not add up

However, the path of intentions is paved with obstacles in the form of numbers, which in reality makes leeway early retirement And the Flat taxtwo of the most important right-wing workers in the election campaign.

In fact, there are continuous upward updates in the accounts on Weight of interest on our public budget. In 2023-2025, according to the Def approved by the Draghi government last April, Italy would have had to pay 186.066 billion interest. In the appendices to the budget law, the bill for the same three-year period instead rose to 270.207 billion, an increase of 45.2% which has a nominal value of 19.4 billion during 2023, 30 during 2024 and 34.7 during 2025. The European Central Bank has stopped buying Large amounts of securities, with PNRR approaching and deadlines looming, the path to pension filing and implementation of any form of flat taxation is really narrow.