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Half of Jorit’s acceptance on the Mariupol mural: “Yes, I used elements of the Australian girl”

Half of Jorit’s acceptance on the Mariupol mural: “Yes, I used elements of the Australian girl”

Street artist Jorit admitted on Instagram that he used “elements” of an Australian girl in a mural of Mariupol. Jouret has ended up in controversy these days with accusations of being pro-Russian. He was then accused by Australian photographer Helen Whittle of using the snapshot she had taken of her daughter without permission. At first Gurit denied, claiming that he had used a young girl from Donbass named Nastga as a model. Today the (partial) reverse: «Here is my portrait of Nastya, hand-painted with airbrushes on the wall, the little girl from Donbass who inspired me to create the work in Mariupol. Yeah Nastya unfortunately not very attractive and has a high forehead, that doesn’t help with the chiaroscuro and depth (can’t believe I had to type it) Anyway, yeah the composition and the elements of this little Austrian girl. (braids and knitting) So what? Do you really think that people are so naive as to look at a finger and not at the moon? ».

“All Italy talks about Donbass”

And again: «I could also draw a crocodile with the flag of Donbass in its claws, the meaning remains the same, it is not the work itself but what you want to communicate that is important and what Nastya’s face conveys is the suffering of the Donbass children who grew up for 8 years under the Kiev bombs and in fear of the Nazi battalions. This is the moon, this is the center of the speech while the finger … However, you are really great journalists, 8 years ago you ignored the people of Donbass and now someone is talking about them instead of addressing the issue, you are art critics. ! But anyway, I love you and thank you because thanks to you, all of Italy is talking about Donbass and that is exactly what I wanted ».

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