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Great news for Gemma Galgani

Great news for Gemma Galgani

Men and women, good news arrives for Gemma Galgani: Finally the turning point for the historic Lady of Turin? Details here.

men and women He continues to offer twists to all onlookers, and while many are waiting to understand how the story will unfold between Ida and Alessandro and what Roberta de Padua’s next moves will be, news seems to have also reached Gemma.

Good news for Gemma (Image: Web).

Jaljani, in this first month of the programme, already had many acquaintances, which unfortunately did not go as she had hoped; This time, it looks like it could be different… Would it really be like that? Here’s the news.

Men and women, good news arrives for Gemma Galgani: what’s going on

Currently, the Lady of Turin has started dating Roberto, the jockey who arrived this year and who appears to be in great demand; Fortunately for Galjani, though not granted exclusivity, Gemma seems very interested in Roberto.

As we have seen, external matters between the two have gone very well, though still, for the time being, The kiss did not happen. The knight prefers to wait, and although he spends very nice words for the lady, he does not want to kiss her until he is sure that she will be his choice.

Galgani would gladly have exchanged a kiss with Roberto, and although she regrets this vision, she is very excited to continue the acquaintance; A different opinion of Tinawho finds the man’s behavior very strange, and believes that he is actually not interested in Gemma.

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Gemma is happy with her acquaintance with Roberto: how will it end? (Photo: Web).

How will the dating end? Definitely, in the upcoming episodes we will know more and Gemma will still be the hero. youOr the rivalry between Ida and Roberta continues, linked again by the same man; According to Di Padova, the new iteration between Platano and Alessandro Vicenanza will be closed very soon.

Until now Riccrd, on the other hand, was absent from the studio for personal reasonsor who awaits his comment on this new rapprochement between Ida and Alessandro; Certainly, Guarnieri’s reaction will not be long in coming.