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Goodbye to all euro banknotes, crazy: what awaits us?

Money is nothing “immobile” and wholly insensitive to various forms of change affecting a particular cultural context, on the contrary, through numismatics, This is the in-depth study of each form of coinage, this “development” proves to be at least straightforward and interesting to both the enthusiast and the curious. For a working example, just “look back” a few decades ago, i.e. in the pre-euro context, where our lira had a very different value and purchasing power compared to the community currency, which is used today by almost everyone European population.

Euro banknotes are undoubtedly the most widespread example of paper money on the Old Continent, and compared to coins, which differ in two respects are “allocated” according to the country of origin, they are all almost identical. However, even these banknotes have already undergone a real development highlighted by the two banknote series. The first, built from 2002 to 2012, was gradually replaced by the second series, called Europa, which is also the most used for several years now. A “change of banknotes” is also necessary to provide better protection against counterfeiters.

Goodbye to all euro banknotes, crazy: what awaits us?

Cash is gradually being replaced by other forms of “money”, in this case electronic: transfers, cards and ATMs of all kinds are often preferred over cash, especially since it is completely traceable. Although it is still too early to establish a “retirement” date for the banknote, it is true that the development process has already “touched” the currency of society: the second series actually sees the absence of the 500 denomination. eurosince this format was often used to “evade” tax checks, and with the new series of banknotes, the third, already official as of 2024, it is possible that even 200 euros could “step out of the scene”.

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