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Good Night Oppy - BFCspace

Good Night Oppy – BFCspace

hiker opportunitieswho explored the surface of Mars between January 2004 and June 2018, is the protagonist of the documentary Good night, Obi Available on Amazon Prime.

Watch a trailer for the documentary at this link

The movie is a tribute to the team that designed, built, launched and operated the two rover spirit And the opportunities, It started in the year 2003 and went down in January 2004 In two different regions of the red planet. Knowing that the solar arrays would soon be covered with Martian sand, NASA predicted that the rovers would not be able to operate for long. The goal was to work for at least 90 Martian days, the so-called sols. Instead, both rovers have lasted much longer than expected, thanks to a gentle dusting of rotating winds that stir the Martian landscape.

The two rovers have been exploring Mars for years, and this has given rise to a strange relationship between those responsible for Earth and the two instruments that many considered children.

While spirit Work ended in 2010, opportunities He continued his exploration until his fatal encounter with a fearsome sandstorm in the… June 2018. Unfortunately, the veteran probe no longer responds to repeated calls from Earth; The storm continued for a long time, and the spacecraft may have froze in the frigid Martian climate, having been without power for so long. For all the fans, it was like losing an old friend.

In addition to being an affectionate tribute to the letter, Good night, Obi Documents the complexity (and duration) of the space exploration mission. By seeing the interviews conducted over twenty years, one can sense the passage of time: the characters are aging but their enthusiasm remains unchanged.

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