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"Congratulations on this amazing achievement."

“Congratulations on this amazing achievement.”

Good news – Viterbo – Relatives and friends write to Martina Dinetis, Doctor of Nursing Sciences

Martina Dinetis, Doctor of Nursing Sciences

Viterbo We receive and publish – Martina Dinetis, Doctor of Nursing Sciences.

Congratulations on this wonderful goal achieved, and we wish you the best in your fulfilling future.

From father Andrea, mother Ilaria and brother Jacopo in addition to all the friends.

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good news

We ask all readers to report any positive experiences relating to themselves or their loved ones.

Beautiful episodes of the tale, critical situations that ended with a happy ending, thanks to those who work in public or private structures. In short, beautiful moments and life stories about what works well in Viterbo and throughout Tuscia.

All you have to do is activate the mobile phone, take pictures and write a few lines with your name and surname by sending them to the editorial board, decide if you want to be mentioned in the article and / or as the authors of the photos, and refer to the initiative “good newsIn any case, you must enter your phone contact (preferably mobile) which, obviously, will not be available to the public. Photos and videos must be taken by the author.

Together we will be able to create a more effective and powerful newspaper serving the citizens of Tusya. Submitted materials are not returned and become the property of the newspaper. Images must not be copyrighted.

It is understood that all material submitted to the Editorial Board, through any form and method, is usable in any form and manner and is subject to publication. Items are not returned. Images will be tagged “Copyright Tusciaweb”.

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Tusciaweb has no obligation to publish.

You can send photos, videos and reports at the same time to [email protected] and [email protected]. In this case, the texts must be sent as an attachment in Word.

You can also use WhatsApp with this number 338/7796471 at no cost.

November 25, 2022