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Free computer Let’s see who can use it and how to do it »


The Revenue Agency donates old, still-working computers to organizations that request themL’revenue agency owns one large amount of computers That is about to change and can become Free for some categories: Let’s see who can use it and how to apply.

SkyTG 24
Reports indicate that a number of Computer equipment of various types (from stationary “laptops”, to mobile devices, and even servers) will not be usable for routine activities, and therefore will be Disposed for free to customers who request it. Schools, public administrations, non-profit agencies and organizations (including private ones) can participate in the action.

there Participation request It can only be sent via message from
Certified Email (PEC) in the box [email protected]by 12.00 on February 3, 2023.

In an official circular, the agency specified priority that will be given to them Discarded tools: Schools will have priority in allocating devices, followed by Non-profit associationsl Volunteering
And with a goal Humanitarian.

there Procedure
As follows: The application must be prepared through the online application Phoenix. the the blade The ID of this bid is AE2023. When filling out the form, the requesting institution must specify, among other things, geographic location.

At the end of data entry, the application will create a file phoenix.xml file Which, once downloaded, should be Sent with PEC. When phrasing the question, as indicated in the FAQ, it will be necessary to indicate 3 different numbersbetween 1 and 90. a Number four will be born from Tax law to the applicant.

These numbers will serve to Order order request It has the same priority: the list of assignees will be published on the website of the Revenue Agency by The first half of February.

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We remember that the equipment appeared Set forth in the case of fact and lawSo We do not guarantee that there will be no operational defects, no small external damage, nor that all useful accessories will be present (mice, keyboards, microphones, etc.). at the end, collection and packing bear itassigneewhich will be directed to the geographically nearest office.


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