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Man on Earth: Here is the evidence

Man on Earth: Here is the evidence

It is difficult to confirm with certainty the appearance of man on Earth. Some believe that its appearance dates back to about 250 thousand years ago, while others date back to 8 million years ago. Here's what we know about human evolution on Earth

We start from the assumption that human history on Earth dates back to the appearance of the first artifact Australopithecineor to Homo The wise one TRUE. Either way, historians agree that humans evolved from primates, the common branch from which they descend Even African monkeys, starting about 7 million years ago. Let us summarize the historical stages of human evolution on Earth.

From primates to humans on Earth

When is the date of appearance? For man on earth? Credit: Pixabay

There is a “gap” of a few tens of millions of years separating us The appearance of the first primates (55 million years ago) to the evolution of gorillas (6-8 million years ago). Well, maybe from here, from discovering this Sahelanthropus com. tchadensisin Chad, which we can separate The evolutionary line of man From that monkeys. The first traces of humans capable of walking normally on their legs were found in Kenya and date back to 5.8 million years ago. to AustralopithecusHowever, we have to wait until 4 million years ago: their brain is already larger than that of chimpanzees, the first to live on the savannah. Lucy, The first woman discovered in EthiopiaIt dates back to approximately 3.2 million years ago.

Lomo Habilis


For human sake HabilisHowever, we have to reach 2.1 million years ago, while that ErectThe first to migrate from Africa to Asia, between 1.8 and 1.5 million years ago. But why then do many historians put the appearance of man? 500 thousand years agoOr just 300 thousand years ago? Because in the first case Neanderthals appeared, which had features and dimensions very similar to those of modern humans. It is usual to place a “placeholder” on the emergence of man as we know him, but about 200,000 years ago, when man The wise one appears on the scene. The last 50 thousand yearsHowever, it has given us the most important changes: 35 thousand years ago man domesticated dogs, 15 thousand years ago he arrived in the Americas, spreading agriculture and only 5 thousand years ago he wrote his first writing.

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