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Francis: Catechists, Courageous and Creative Witnesses of the Gospel

Francis: Catechists, Courageous and Creative Witnesses of the Gospel

In the final video of 2021 on the intention to pray for the month of December, the Pope states that the task of a catechist must be done not by “trumpeting” but by meekness through new language.

Benedita Capelli – Vatican City

Unlock new paths with “creativity”, “courage” and “joy and a lot of peace”. It is the task that Francis designs for catechists, to whom he dedicates a video message in Spanish with the purpose of prayer for the month of December. “An indispensable message – affirms the Pope – in transmitting and deepening the faith.”

The secular service of a catechist is a calling, it is a message. Being a catechist means that the person is a ‘teaching teacher’, not that he ‘works as a catechist’. It is a way of being, and good teachers are needed who are at the same time companions and teachers.

Advertising with life

Francis recalls that “on many continents, the gospel is chiefly in the hands of the catechist.” For them, says the Pope, we must thank them “for the enthusiasm with which they live this mission of service to the Church.”

Creators are needed who preach the Gospel, but proclaim it, I do not say it softly, but so as not to shout it: but proclaim it with their life, with meekness, in a new language and opening new paths.

“Let us pray together – in conclusion, Francis – for Christian catechists, who are called to proclaim the word of God, to be witnesses to it with courage and creativity, in the power of the Holy Spirit, with much joy and peace.”

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Christian Education Teacher Creativity

In the Pope’s video, which is usually translated into 23 languages ​​and has press coverage in 114 countries, you can see teachers and young people struggling with a mural. A way to point to an example of a new language in Christian education. Using sprays and paints, dozens of children and teens, accompanied by their Christian teachers, help Italian artist Paolo Colasanti (also known as Gojo) recreate a creative version of the scene of washing feet, on the chapel wall of the Roman parish church of Our Lady of Coromoto. Thus Francis concludes 2021 by recalling the ministry of Christian catechists who, in Motu Proprio old service, recalled its importance by establishing its unofficial ministry on May 10, 2021.