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Forced Big Brother Phip, Signorini to defend Pamela Prati?  “Rain falling from the contractual terms”

Forced Big Brother Phip, Signorini to defend Pamela Prati? “Rain falling from the contractual terms”

Pamela Prati tells her truth to older brother Phoebe but few believe her. And what if Alfonso Signorini had also been forced to pretend to be on his side?

Since when Pamela Prati Walked through the red door of the Big Brother VIP Evidence, not corroborated at all, of his innocence has been shown The Marc Caltagirone case. The Audience Canale 5 Do not appreciate even if Alfonso Signorini She is forced, by the contractual terms set by the Sardinian showgirl, to pretend to believe her with plenty of special favors during the live performances of the Gf VIP?

Big Brother Vip and Pamela Prati: Fees, Contract and Netflix Series on the way

in home Big Brother VIP landed Pamela Prati Which, after the start of a storm Cinecitta Desiring to isolate himself from the group at all costs, he seems to have found after him, thanks to the great understanding shown by his tenants towards him in The Marc Caltagirone case. Understand that certainly does not belong to everyone, given the complaint Attilio Romita Who finds Prati’s story and the evidence shown live on TV during the episodes chilling; Understanding does not appear before Adriana Volpi, who hinted that she does not appreciate the presence of Pamelabut above all disbelief.

Moreover, apologies pasture Weak when compared to the countless pieces of evidence that her former clients keep throwing at her, as in the past Interview by Eliana Michelazzo with Verissimo Which, unlike Pamela at that time, according to Giuseppe Candela, did not receive any compensation for being there. And if everything, including Alfonso SignoriniPretending to believe a Sardinian showgirl because of the contract she managed to get kidnapped from Mediaset To go back to revealing yourself like this 24 hours a day?

“Why did Signorini handle GFVip’s Prati case in such a disastrous way, supporting the very weak version of Bagalino prima donna?” – Giuseppe Candela wrote in Dagospia as reported by Biccy – “Every mistake is a rain of contractual terms, the lawyer is in the office. Previously there was a claim for damages by a showgirl demanding millions of euros. Yes, millions of euros. Before entering the house, the withdrawal of complaints disappeared Live Non è la d’Urso episodes from MediasetPlay […] In Cologno Monzese, there are those who talk about 30 thousand euros a week, and it is not difficult to imagine that the showgirl due to the lack of an offer could get this figure for the cleaning process (if bye basic …) “.

Moreover, according to the journalist, the production company that wants to create dNetflix documentary about Pamela and Mark. while, Pamela Looks like he joined Vipponi from Gf VIP Who can not stand Nikita Pelizon, the night through new episode There can be a confrontation.

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