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Fines are imposed on people under the age of 50: this is what happens


They thought they’d done it but that’s not the case: a month and a half after the vaccination obligation (February 15) went into effect for more than the 1950s, fines to me no fax who still decided not to vaccinate. In fact, the first 200,000 notices have been delivered to the Italian Post Office that will send the letters as of Monday, April 4th.

Who will receive penalties?

Figures indicate that nearly two million Italians are on the verge of receiving the fine 100 EUR For failing to comply with the vaccination obligation imposed by the Draghi government by virtue of the decree issued on January 7, which gave a few weeks to comply with the start of the course of vaccination against Covid. Such as Courier service, the date on which the fines came into force on February 1, while the obligation of the workers’ premium green passport (vaccine or recovery) became mandatory, as mentioned, on February 15. The penalty for those who do not join is suspension from the job and freezing the salary even without the risk of dismissal. Even with the end of the emergency (March 31), the vaccination obligation will remain in place until June 15: the only difference is that those over their 50s are now allowed to work even with a negative smear (green lane rule).

10 days to comply

From now on, Fisco and the Ministry of Health will send letters by post. The obligation to vaccinate as of February 1 means that the entire immunization cycle also extends to the booster dose (a booster dose or a third dose, if you prefer). However, fines will follow the classic vaccination calendar and ministry guidelines. In practice, those vaccinated late will have a penalty Different By those who had a problem on the day scheduled for vaccination and by those who recovered: three different cases and three different penalties. The only way to get rid of it is for your doctor to be excused, with a certificate explaining how the subject cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. The exact number of Italians eligible for this certification is unknown: anyone who receives the notice, however, will have 10 days to report their location to the ASL: once the deadlines are up, the Revenue Agency will continue to notify the payment folder.

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Lists sent to the Internal Revenue Service

The Ministry of Health has already sent the revenue agency i Financial Tokens Among all those over the age of 50 who have not yet been vaccinated in accordance with the obligation published in the Official Gazette thanks to the Prime Minister’s decree of March 4th. As far as is known, 600,000 tax codes have already been sent and passed within a few days. The Internal Revenue then “overrun” the DOH’s listings with those in the immunization registry for the data pool in all regions. After that, it started to activate.”TheTo produce notifications of initiation of sanctions proceduresWhich will be delivered in the next few days.


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