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“Favorite?  Capricorn and Leo at work.  In love Aries, with a wedding on the horizon, and Taurus” –

“Favorite? Capricorn and Leo at work. In love Aries, with a wedding on the horizon, and Taurus” –

to’Horoscopes 2024 toPaulo Fox, issued by Cairo, is already in bookstores. In sixteen years, the annual forecast has sold millions of copies.

Paulo Fuchs, what year will 2024 be?
«A year with Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces, or with planets that transit in conservative signs and reinforce the tendency to re-evaluate traditions and rules. It will be an important year for love, because in the first part of the year, Jupiter in Taurus represents the more traditional couple, while from June, Jupiter in Gemini favors a more open mindset. In general, it is a year dominated by a certain severity that can also limit imagination and joy.”

The most unlucky signs in love?
“In the first six months, Pisces has exceptional potential, and a strong sign in managing emotions, home, and family is Taurus. “Aries, if he hasn’t already done so, can get married.”

Favorites in work and business?
“Capricorn will have important stars, especially in May. Cancer does very well all year round at work. Leo will free himself from many fears from summer onwards.”

Who is generally better off than in 2023?
«To Aquarius, Scorpio and Virgo. The first, after a rather heavy 2023, will recover from the end of May in feelings and work, the same applies to Scorpio, who had and will face Jupiter in issues of money, homes and bills but between summer and fall, will witness a return. Libra is also on the rise, having also been suffering from physical illness, and will benefit from a good relaunch in late spring.

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Sagittarius and Gemini?
“They are those who are looking for positive change and who will unburden themselves throughout the year.”

Can you explain to me how the planet will affect our lives?
“I don’t know, no one knows. I hope we find out one day. I can only say that it works and that those who approach astrology notice it. Once they put me under anesthesia for a gastroscopy, and when I woke up I was giving a horoscope to everyone present. “I arrived in Leo and discovered that I had told the real zodiac sign: ‘If I didn’t believe what I was doing, under anesthesia, I would have answered this bullshit.’

Have you ever been betrayed by your zodiac sign?
“Never. The only time I didn’t listen to him, he told me it was a tough time to be shopping, but I bought a car anyway. People ended up bumping into me at traffic lights even if I was stationary: I had to resell it. And I try not to let myself be swayed by love, “And in fact I was cheated. However, in my predictions, I would never say to do something or not: astrology indicates a line, but it is the person who must choose how to act.”

How does astrology fit into your life?
“Coincidentally, when I was 15, I thought it was all nonsense. Back then there wasn’t social media or a lot of distractions, there was still time for curiosity, and in high school I started reading the zodiac sign profiles of my classmates to see if they matched their personalities. In March 1977, when I was 16, I presented my first program on TeleJolly. It was one of those fledgling private television channels that didn’t know what they were broadcasting and that showed Laurel and Hardy from morning to night. I called and asked if I needed astrology software. They took me in immediately. We are broadcasting from a mount directly below the antenna. We emerged into the air from an unheated room, with scarves and spray coming out of our mouths.”

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How did your parents take it?
“They wanted me to be a lawyer or a banker. One day, my mother called TeleJolly and said: My son just has to study, send him home immediately!

When did you start living in towers?
“I won a public administration competition and got the classic permanent job. But I was not created for that life, I needed creative activity. Meanwhile, I had begun to prepare free horoscopes for radio and had invented a new language: direct and clear, which then became the standard. In short, as soon as I started getting paid for towers, I quit. The turning point came when I arrived at Al-Rai.”

For twenty years he works at Raidue in Mezzogiorno with his family, then does the weekly horoscope on DiPiù, today’s horoscope on and on Radio LatteMiele and publishes a book every year. How many hours does the mine work per day?
“70 percent of my life is a tower, 20 social relationships, 10 eating, washing, and dressing. Every day I have to study the 12 signs and write differently for radio, television and newspapers: You cannot address a housewife or a worker in the same way. In short, I have a full day left, and as for rai music, I stay away from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon. Between June and August, when the TV season stops, I devote those four hours to writing my horoscope for the following year. Even on vacation, I never stop working. “Maybe, if I take a month off, I’ll feel exhausted.”