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''Cute - good?''  I still don't quite feel like it."

”Cute – good?” I still don’t quite feel like it.” interviews Gaia Cascino, the young protagonist of Il Collegio 6th Edition on Rai 2.

Born in Rome in 2004, with a sparkling spirit and a great desire for freedom, Jaya Cassino He was one of the most heroic Sixth edition of Il Collegio, docu reality for Rai2 Which is very popular among viewers. Despite a short stay at the Regina Margherita Institute in Anagni, in 1977 she indulged herself with her traveling companions., Jaya He remained in the hearts of fans of the program.

After giving up his studies, a second partner refusal of behaviorAnd Jaya She is passionate about the world of hairdressers and works Barber In his hometown, share videos on social media with voice “Don’t worry, there’s chaos out there Gaia Cascino”. A magnetic personality but also a fragile, idiosyncratic soul – as I have admitted it.for college From insecurity about his outward appearance. Exuberant and at the heart of the program’s dynamics, between small clashes and big friendships, Jaya She told us about it

Hi Jaya. Your adventure in Il Collegio begins with the announcement that you want to change your “irresponsible” side. Do you think you succeeded? What did this adventure teach you?

I feel a little more responsible, my mom also says. Experience in college taught me that I should not give up and that I should not give up when faced with the first problem.

College Gaia Cassino: “Others Criticize Me Without Knowing Me”

During your stay at Il Collegio, you showed your weaknesses, including those related to your physical appearance. Did living with college students help you get over this feeling of insecurity?

I no longer feel insecure about other people’s judgments, and I don’t care what other people think because they criticize me even if they don’t know me. Bella still doesn’t quite feel, it hasn’t happened yet.

What do you expect from the future? Do you want to work with social media, making your Tik Tok profile pop?

I don’t think much about the future but I do think about living day by day. I hope a lot of good things happen, even if it has nothing to do with becoming a famous person. For my TikTok profile, I like to make videos related to my profession, I like to buy a fake “head” and let my fans choose from time to time how to style it.

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