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Where the super-rich live: How the top ten have changed in 2020


Where the super-rich live: How the top ten have changed in 2020 | WeWealth

Where the super-rich live: How the top ten have changed in 2020

Despite the Covid virus, Uhnw has increased, but almost exclusively in only three countries

According to the Ultra Wealth 2021 report, prepared by Wealth X, the global Uhnw population increased by 1.7% in 2020 and their relative wealth by 2%.

In Europe, only the ultra-rich living in Switzerland increased; But things went badly in France and the UK

In 2020, the wealth and numerical consistency of the rich have increased, so they have more wealth than $30 million; But driving the general trend, for the most part, is only three countries: The United States, China and Japan. The wealth assessment of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (Uhnw) wasUltra Wealth 2021 Report Developed by Wealth X, an analytics company dedicated to the world’s wealthiest elite.

The general data is as follows. The global Uhnw population increased by 1.7% in 2020, to 295,450 individuals. fortune from 35.5 trillion dollarswhich expanded in 2020 by 2%. For a comparative term: adding the GDP of the United States and China does not amount to 32 thousand billion dollars.

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Moreover, the 3.3% drop in global income recorded last year did not affect the steady growth trend of the ultra-rich population, which in five years had increased by 26.58%.

The super-rich (excluding billionaires) who were able to benefit economically from the year marked by Covid-19 were those whose businesses are related to consumer services, whose fortunes increased by 0.8%. On the other hand, Uhnw, whose business is based on the financial, hotel and leisure sectors, posted a decline.

In the ranking of the ten countries where the largest representatives of the ultra-rich are concentrated, three above all recorded an increase in 2020. In the United States and China, the two leading countries, the population of Uhnw increased by 8%. last year. Also in Japan, 2020 gave a strong impetus to the wealthy, with an increase of 7.5%. In these top three countries, 52% of the world’s total Uhnw population now resides.

Off the podium, the story was very different. With the exception of Switzerland, which ranks ninth in the table, All other countries in the top ten for Uhnw count, suffered a decline. In particular, France (-10.8%, sixth in the ranking) and England (-9.5%, eighth in the ranking) lagged behind. Italy is among the top ten countries, and Wealth X, without citing specific data, declares that 2020 for Bill Pace, has not been a favorable year for the growth of the super-rich.

At the macro-area level, the report indicates the extent of the Covid-19 year It particularly hurt the wealthy population of Central and South America, followed by their counterparts in the Middle East.

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Wealth X said, “As in 2019,”North America consolidated its position as a global leader in super wealth, and recorded the most dynamic growth of Uhnw’s population and total net wealth. The number of ultra-rich individuals rose 6.9% from the previous year to 112,250, which is 38% of the global Uhnw category (up from 35% in 2018). Collective net wealth increased 7.1% to $13.4 trillion, nearly a third of the Asian level.

But in Asia, the wealth and number of the super-rich increased by 5.2% to $10.2 trillion divided by 87,460 people. On the other hand, Europe’s performance was subpar, with a decline in Uhnw’s population of 4.9% to 74,030 units and total contracted assets by 4% to $8,900 billion.

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