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Father: “They showed her incriminating videos.”  A mural appears in Milan – news

Father: “They showed her incriminating videos.” A mural appears in Milan – news

“They finally allowed us to watch the incriminating videos, a 10 terabyte hard disk to watch them all because the prosecution didn't say which clips it wanted to refer to. Up until now she had them, but she didn't. They were allowed to watch them to shape the circumstances in which the process took place”. Ilaria's father, Roberto Salis, 39, from Lombardy, who is on trial in Hungary for allegedly attacking a neo-Nazi militant, said during a television interview with Sky.

“There was never the hypothesis of terrorism – noted Chalis when talking about the charges brought against Ilaria by Budapest investigators – my daughter was accused of belonging to a criminal organization. The investigation documents contain 800 pages of an investigation in Germany. The organization, in which my daughter's name never appeared, so it was not clear – Challis concludes – why my daughter got involved”.

Ilaria Salice comes out of the cage in a mural in Milan

Ilaria Salis opens a birdcage and emerges with her fist raised, accompanied by some white and rainbow doves: this is a mural created by artist Cristina Donati Meyer via Disciplini, near the Consulate General of Hungary in Milan. , a year after his arrest in Budapest, to ask for the activist's release.

Learn more ANSA agency Ilaria Salice comes out of the cage in the mural in Milan – News – Ilaria Salis with some white and rainbow doves, opening a birdcage and coming out with raised fist: this is a mural by artist Cristina Donati Meyer via Disciplini near the Hungarian Consulate… (handle)

The Hungarian guarantor assumes responsibility for the case

The Hungarian counterpart of the National Guarantee of the Rights of Persons Deprived of Liberty (GNPL), ie the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, had written to GNPL – at the request of GNPL – in recent days about the conditions of detention of Ilaria Sális. I request you to keep a close eye on his present and future situation – our assurance team assured the officer in charge of the case. This was announced by the Italian National Guarantee.

Hungarian Ambassador: 'Italian media distorting case'

In a long letter posted on the embassy's Facebook channel, the Hungarian ambassador in Rome, Adam Kovacs, complained about the “particularly distorted and unequal representation” that a “substantial part” of the Italian media had given the Sallis case. The Hungarian judiciary's assessment raises doubts that the editorial comments were driven exclusively by political considerations. etc
ideology, aimed at putting Italian-Hungarian relations in a bad light”.

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