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New snow will come, another 90 cm.  Expected in a few hours, here's the when and where

New snow will come, another 90 cm. Expected in a few hours, here's the when and where

A lot of snow is coming in the Alps

WEATHER ALERT: After the extraordinary snowfall of the past few days, fresh heavy snowfall is coming to our hills, with 90cm in a few hours.

Yet another new chaotic front is expected in the northern regions, more snow is expected in the Alps, averaging above 800/1000 meters above sea level. The reason would be traffic Two other disturbances From the start Friday, March 8When strong bad weather later Weekend of March 9-10, Snowflakes on mountains, especially when descending Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, LombardyThen in rapid expansion and then for everyone Dolomites.
There will be more snow. Accumulation is expected by Sunday Up to 90 cm In places like Chester (TO)Limon Piedmont (CN)Val Formazza (VB)Breuil Cervinia (AO) and Madesimo. However, in the Apennines, the snow level, especially on Sunday, will be around 1200 meters.

Snow is expected next weekend
These heavy snowfalls are caused by high levels of moisture in the lower layers of the atmosphere due to high evaporation from the oceans. Climate change ongoing (more heat = increased evaporation = increase in extreme weather events). Such exaggerated accumulations have never been recorded in such a short period of time in the Alps: indeed, this Record rain.

Risk of avalanches – The recent heavy snow cover further reduced the existing cover and increased it exponentially. Risk of avalanches and avalanches.
So consultation is recommended Avalanche Bulletin By clicking WHO: Advice is Avoid all activities (hiking, skiing, snow falls, snow canals) off the ski slopes, esp. Above 1700-1800 meters above sea levelThe risk is actually very high.