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ETA, unions responded to President Altavilla's message: "Degrading and disrespectful content towards workers"

ETA, unions responded to President Altavilla’s message: “Degrading and disrespectful content towards workers”

The unions responded to the message sent to the ETA flight crew after the alleged harm of a passenger arrived. Commercial organizations in Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Ugl Express “The clearest opposition to the letter” Sent by the president Alfredo Altavilla To the crew on November 9 “for its disrespectful contents and unusual and unusual ways”. Altavilla speech somewhat toned cruel and dangerous, refers to an incident on a flight between Rome and Palermo on October 29. The episode in which the reconstructions diverged, as pointed out, whose heroes have served as Communications Director, Alitalia Adviser and now ETA Adviser Constance Sclabon And some flight attendants. The subject of the “discord” for the place in the gift boxes for First row passenger baggage.

after rumors disciplinary measures towards helpers, The company denied itManagement chose to send the message. The response from the trade unions, in turn, was received in a letter that read: “Dear President, in light of the memorandum I sent to the workers of ETA, on 9 November, it is imperative that the undersigned trade unions clear explanation, with the stated aim of attempting to restore an appropriate balance between merit and style in relation to the image that appears outside ETA, and in particular in relation to its employees.”

“The first consideration to which we refer, which is a continuation of the trade union mission, is precisely what belongs to the world of work, and asserts without hesitation that women workers today in ETA roles have played them in the past, and are still performing the tasks assigned to them extreme professionalismSelf-denial, sense of duty Respect the rules. All this, in the current context, is guaranteed, despite the difficult start-up stage and the separate corporate climate that it has setCompany regulation application, unilaterally applied. Therefore, the full recognition of the value of and Human and professional heritage Among them, ETA workers are carriers and porters – who continue to be the general secretaries of air transport -. However, we formulate the present to express it The clearest opposition regarding the letter is its disrespectful contents And for unusual and unusual styles.

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The trade union letter is signed by the general secretaries of Filt CGIL Fabrizio Cosquitofit cisl Monica Macia, Evan Viglietti NS Francesco Alfonsi From Ugl Transport Air which also explains how “Ita employees look at this moment Not properly respected and Mohsen.” Regarding the case, Liberian MP E Ogwale Stefano Fasina announced yesterday his intention to proceed with a parliamentary inquiry.