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Ecological washing, a return to the past to protect the planet

Ecological washing, a return to the past to protect the planet

A really important and necessary step to protect our planet: a return to ecological washing

Ecological cleaners – Pixabay –

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Sure enough, doing laundry is a lot very old among all home practices. Since the clothes exist, there has undoubtedly been need to Having to wash it. Over the years, there has definitely been adevelopment In relation to the same practice washing linen and clothes. If we believed that just a few decades ago no Found The washing machine, it seems really amazing to imagine Al they change And what we are used to today. Our grandmothers did laundry in but not with bars of soap, and the ashes of their grandmothers.

All this change, and we know it all too well, didn’t always happen positiveEspecially in terms of environment and environmental sustainability. appearance of products chemistsmore and more effective and powerful to please NeedDisproportionate consumption of energy and household appliances caused damage Can not be Fixed For our Earth as well as for our health, as the two sides, which we often underestimate, are precisely that restricted between them. The important step today will be to go back to washing environmentalNecessary for us and the environment.

Eco-laundry: an important step today

Make an eco-friendly detergent for your laundry: It's simple
Eco-friendly detergents – Pixabay –

So, like we said, really step by step BasicNow, it would be back to greenwashing. Crucial practice for us Health And for the well-being of our ecosystem. there natureOn the other hand, it provides us with many products, exactly natural, and effective Unmatched. Why then use products that destroy ours Environment? Making natural products that aim to protect the environment is a lot easy And cheap too.

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a union Perfection would solve many of our problems. But how do you make a cleaner For simple, effective and environmentally sustainable laundry? Soon it is said. Following the advice and “habits” of our grandmothers, we will return to the laundry perfect without harming our land. You will need a great washer cleaner 2 spoons of soap Marseille Chips and a generous spoon percarbonate of sodium. Set aside a spoonful of Solvay soda soap for dishes.

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Then mix all files ingredients Carefully and dosed for washing like regular detergent. This product is suitable for the above washing 40 grades. Instead, you will need fabric softener 100 grams of citric acid, diluted with water to a Liter. Then add it to the fabric softener tray and you’re done! It will be your laundry does not resist And without any impact on the environment and your wallet! Try it!