Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Duplicate support, automatic refreshments on the spot and year-end balance


Giancarlo Giorgetti

There is general agreement on the new non-reimbursable subscriptions to be included in the Sostegni bis decree. This is a two-stage mechanism: new instant and automatic refreshments that depend on sales volume, the possibility for interested companies to have a balance at the end of the year, and recalculations of losses based on balance sheet statements or income tax returns. In this way, the equivalence mechanism is explained in relation to what has actually been achieved.

The Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, in particular pushed the idea of ​​improving the refreshment mechanism. Specifically among the issues to be resolved was the timing of the disbursement of this new tranche of refreshment which must, inevitably, be awaiting financial statements (in June) or tax returns for simplified accounting activities (November). The solution is found in a mix between turnover – the basis for calculating refreshments provided so far – and profits: all details will be obtained with writing the rules, in progress in these hours in view of the cabinet that must between Thursday and Friday. The new system will maintain the existing scheme for refreshments with a maximum of 150,000 euros and for companies with a turnover of 10 million. All activities that on these days have received or receive transfers from the revenue agency stipulated in the Sostegni Decree 1, will automatically receive the equivalent. In the meantime, again on a turnover basis, they will be able to request that the reference period be recalculated – if the preparation of the first drafts is preserved. In addition, once the financial statements are approved or tax returns filed, the companies involved can then request an additional addition for compensation.

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Minister Maria Stella Gelmini, according to what I learned from government sources, during the meeting at the Shigi Palace raised the issue of reopening and reviewing the curfew. The Forza Italia delegation is asking the government for a coupon for the latest Covid decree scheduled for this week. The same request was made, as we learned from the same sources, also by Ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti and Elena Bonetti.


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