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Don’t buy a new one, if your smart TV is slow, I’ll reveal a very easy trick to improve performance: your wallet will thank you

Don’t buy a new one, if your smart TV is slow, I’ll reveal a very easy trick to improve performance: your wallet will thank you

If your smart TV starts working too slowly, don’t buy a new one. There is a very easy trick that will improve its performance.

More and more people have decided in recent years Relying on smart TV. Unlike a classic TV, this technology allows you to easily connect to the Internet and enjoy all the benefits that the Internet can provide from the comfort of your couch. Starting from the center, there is a smart menu with a series of installed apps to be able to watch a movie or TV series on Netflix, Serie A on DAZN, stream on Twitch and so on.

Here’s how to make your Smart TV look like new again – (

It’s all incredibly fast and easy. But in certain cases, especially after a long period of use, it can occur The first problems are various lags and slowdowns. Just like it would be a computer or a smartphone. If this also happened to you and you are not an expert in this sector, you may have thought about buying a new TV. But this is wrong! In reality, Just follow this quick trick To improve – quite a bit – the device’s performance.

Smart TV, what to do to improve performance: guide

There’s a quick and easy trick to smart TV resistance Which will ensure that his performance returns to the way it always was. Just as if you had just bought it and taken it out of the box. The guide consists of some basic steps that need to be performed directly within the operating system. After a few minutes, you will notice crazy improvements and you will never do without it again.

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Steps to activate your Smart TV operating system
No more slow Smart TV with this helpful guide – (

This guide is only for those who have Android TV At home, while nothing can be done for other brands. First, you need to open your device settings, then scroll down to Device Preferences, then About and then scroll down to Android TV and operating system. Now click on it 7 times Using the center button on the remote control, to start developer mode.

Now go back to the main settings menu and scroll down to it Developer options. Below are a series of items that may be useful to you. For example window animation scale, To be set to 0.5x. And then Do not store assets, Another option you need to activate. Here you will also find the background processes limit, which you need to set There are no background processes. Finally, go back and go to Apps, then Show All Apps, then Show System Apps, then go to Delete all the ones you don’t use And using available memory unnecessarily.