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Did the YouTube user find the solution?  -

Did the YouTube user find the solution? –

Nintendo Switch He is still influenced, on many levels, by Joy-Con drift problem, but there is one Youtube who claims to have found one permanent solution To the now known technical flaw related to the construction of Nintendo Switch consoles.

As we have seen, not even a file Nintendo Switch OLED It seems to give guarantees on this front, given that Nintendo did not want to comment on the possibility that the new model might have fixed the problem, only arguing that “the Joy-Con’s functionality and configuration do not change”.

We don’t know if the YouTuber has been confirmed VictorStick, the author of the above video, has already found the permanent solution to the problem, also because to find out what we must at least wait a few months and understand if the problem does not recur, butanalyzing In the video about drifting is still accurate and interesting, so it is worth seeing.

According to Victorstk, drift is caused by the metal container containing the analog sticks: with time and usage becomes relaxation, causing displacement of the metal core springs, which gradually lose contact with the graphite surface detecting the input of the stick.

This is a similar explanation to others that have appeared earlier, but Victorstk adds a possible solution: It’s about keeping the metal plates in place with a larger application. Pressure between surfaces. Nintendo could solve the problem by putting in a containment screw that could secure the metal plates that make up the “box” to the base of the stick.

On the other hand, the handmade solution looks much simpler: just apply a file Cardboard sheet Under the base of the analog stick, in order to increase the thickness and keep the metal box under pressure. The idea seems very simple but it’s not too far fetched, moreover, it’s really a very simple and minimally invasive system that might be worth a try, even if it obviously still requires unlocking a Joy-Con, with all the risks involved this can include .

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We also remember that the drift issue also affects other consoles, such as the PS5’s DualSense and even the Xbox Elite controller.