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Found the original show -

Found the original show –

Maybe not everyone knows that يعلم Super Mario Bros. 3 He had a demo in PC versionIt is an experiment that has been carried out by Software ID And the recently found evidence with the original display recovered from the National Strong Toy Museum.

Also found is the story of this PC version of Super Mario Bros. 3 in the Masters of Doom book, which tells a different background to the old id program, then called Ideas from the Deep (IFD). Apparently, the game was processed in less than a week and a copy was sent to nintendo Hoping to get an agreement to distribute the game on PC but this did not happen because the Kyoto House refused.

Andrew Borman, Librarian Toy Museum, along with other software donated by an anonymous developer. This is also an interesting document because it attests, as shown in the video below, to the particular technology that IFD has adopted to make scrolling work in a particularly smooth way.

This technology was developed by John Carmack It is an algorithm scroll Which manages to keep screen movement smooth despite the amount of items present, which is unusual in an era when computer games relied on switching between screens or noticeable stutter.

However, the work done on Super Mario Bros. 3 Not Completely Lost: Certified technical solutions, including this scroll system, were then used to create Commander Keen, one of id Software’s first global successes.

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