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Alfaholics Giulia Super R 270: the legendary Alfa Romeo restaurant |  video

Alfaholics Giulia Super R 270: the legendary Alfa Romeo restaurant | video

L’The Vaholics Giulia Super R 270 It has the energy of a GTA-R, but in “family form.” Also in this case it is a file Convenience mod, any technical change and modernization of a classic car. Below are the four-door and comfortable passenger compartment, which makes it a more attractive proposition for those who need to meet multiple transportation needs, not best supported by the GTA-R, a coupe based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 1300 Junior.

In some ways, the Alfaholics Giulia Super R 270 can be seen as a GTA-R intended for sports enthusiasts who also have children or elderly people at home, and who do not want to deprive themselves of being on board for certain outings. Obviously, to fully enjoy the framework of the performance, it is better to be alone, in safe environmental contexts, such as cliffs, where one’s own life and the lives of others are not endangered or where one acts of course in a more harmonious and protective framework.

Alfaholics Giulia Super R 270 is one Four-seater sedan Based on the historical model of the same name. In creating them, technicians and workers applied the same love and attention that is reserved for models with a sportier, more racing look. Here, in addition, there are greater doses of comfort and versatility. Transplanting the GTA-R’s performance components was natural enough, Carscoops’ colleagues say, theAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA is based on the same platform.

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The new restomod convinces those who like this formula, but does not challenge the consensus of traditionalists, who want to protect the historic automotive heritage, without violating its essence. The Alfaholics Giulia Super R 270, as in the GTA-R, is powered by a 2.3-liter, all-aluminium, four-cylinder engine that develops Maximum power is 240 HP at 7000 rpm, with a weight of less than 900 kg. Among the lightening parts is the carbon fiber hood. The package also includes suspension elements made of titanium.

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While there are many similarities to the GTA-R mechanically, the exterior lines and cabin handling are very different. The Alfaholics Giulia Super R 270 has a classic-looking interior, with seats in keeping with those of its era, but several modern elements, such as an inductive phone charger, are hidden from view to maintain the vintage atmosphere. It’s impressive to see the big steering wheel of the original 240hp Alfa Romeo Giulia, but here we weren’t tempted to change. Whoever built it is proud of this car that promises thrills and fun in all dynamic contexts. you video. good vision.

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