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Danger spoiler for the game –

Danger spoiler for the game –

Hogwarts Legacy He was already spotted with pounds The first copies In the ShopsAnd while no one has reported that anyone actually owns the game yet thanks to a disruption on day one, there’s no doubt that there is spoiler risk before the official launch.

If you’ve watched a 25-minute gameplay video dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy and are excited about wizarding worldyou are also looking forward to the release of the link developed by Avalanche Software, which promises to be one of the most successful titles this year.

Based on the great enthusiasm surrounding this production, it is clear and inevitable that some retailers will take advantage of the situation in order to One rest day And start selling the game, so you can catch up with the e-commerce giants who will instead have to observe official deadlines carefully.

However, this situation would contribute to the phenomenon of spoilers online, as some users already own the product and who would not have much trouble uploading individual clips or entire series to social networks and YouTube to get undue views, but ruining the fun of discovery for those who will come across about it. error in their downloads.

As usual, in these cases, our suggestion is to be careful and perhaps use the filters offered by platforms such as Twitter to arrive unscathed from February 10th, the date when Hogwarts Legacy will be officially available in PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X versions | S.