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Documentary claims, new company policies cause problems –

Documentary claims, new company policies cause problems –

the documentary of people making games valve Still under discussion, because he revealed the existence Big problems Because of the company policies adopted by the company.

We’re not just talking about staff selectivity, we’re also talking about diversity and game launch issues.

One of Valve’s most famous policies, symbolized by Office on Wheels, is to give complete freedom to change the project you’re working on, whenever you want. On paper, the company is free from the traditional bureaucratic constraints of big tech companies, and this approach has allowed it to succeed with Steam and create hardware like the Steam Deck. The problem is that this system sometimes slows down the production of games or leads to their cancellation.

Some employees then told People Make Games that all that glitters is not gold. Two of them talked about the environment of Lord of the Flies, mainly because of a system that forces employees to rate each other every year. Appraisals are made through meetings, which can also lead to salary increases, which are then approved by the company’s board of directors.

More than one person interviewed said they worried about lack of diversity Within Valve, the company is largely white male-dominated. Not only that, because diversity seems to be programmatically excluded from projects. According to one employee, Valve will reject any project that embraces diversity because it views it as an idealism that adds nothing to video games.

Others complained about the lack of support for the movement The Black Lives Matter movement Which prompted many indie developers to leave the platform, while acknowledging the company’s support for the Game Devs of Color Expo.

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