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Covid, Varantani's pediatrician: 'The community doctor would have made the difference'

Covid, Varantani’s pediatrician: ‘The community doctor would have made the difference’

“If during the pandemic in Italy there were healthy social zones designed by Pasquale Trica,” who was the president of the National Association of Italian Doctors, it would have been possible to ensure timely health care and a quick response, because in each region there would have been a “community doctor.” This figure would have summed up the figure for the dependent physician performing institutional duties of hygiene and public health, along with his side of the contracted GP who would have had the relationship with patients and with the territory.” Explains Italo Farentani, Professor of Pediatrics on the Ludes-Campus. United in Malta and historian of medicine, this is for Adnkronos Salute.

In times of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) and highlighting regional reform, the issue was hot. Today in Foggia, the expert addressed him at a conference where he assessed how the health system should be configured after the Covid-19 epidemic. Farnetani begins from the study of a doctor from Foggia, Trecca, who “collaborated in the setting up of the health reform of 1979 in which it was proposed to transform the medical practices existing in Italy for 90 years, into healthy social areas that should have existed throughout the national territory”.

Following Trika’s path, the pediatrician suggests “the activation of social health zones which, unlike the existing health homes, should be more widespread in the area and not only provide care services, but also be a point in relation to municipal, corporate and regional health institutions” . He adds that this presence “is also important in order to create a flow of data from the region to the central regions. The result has been early diagnosis, treatment, prevention and a greater number of vaccinations.”

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That’s why, according to the pediatrician, it will be important to reopen areas and restore the community doctor’s role. “During the epidemic – he recalls – first it was necessary to ensure hospital assistance, immediately after laboratory activity to ensure diagnosis and tracing. Third point: Positive patients had to be identified. Fourth point: search for vulnerable patients. He would have had The physician present in the area has elements of knowledge of the local reality and of the people that would have been essential and could facilitate any task.”

“The last point: the vaccination campaign. Undoubtedly the contribution of the community doctor here would have been decisive – the expert is convinced – because it would have represented a direct contact between the doctor and the patient.”