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Young chemist matures from Itis Delpozzo with ambitious projects -

Young chemist matures from Itis Delpozzo with ambitious projects –

Also this year, Itis Delpozzo suggested to her fifth-graders a course of external mentoring. Among the proposals made to the students there was also that of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, one of the most prestigious universities in Italy and one of the most demanding.

But that didn’t scare Mathieu RiberyClass 5A, Chemistry, who decided to participate, applied for an online entry test with open answers, in the five fields of chemistry: solubility equilibrium, thermodynamics and kinetics, enzymatic kinetics, organic chemistry, and complex measurement.

Only 24 candidates passed this test from all over Italy, including Matteo.

This allowed him to access a theoretical training held in Pisa, in Normal, which lasted 4 days between February and March (for a total of 40 hours), where the participants dealt with disciplines such as Mathematical Methods and Chemistry (General, Inorganic, Analytical, Physics). Accommodation was provided entirely by the prestigious school, with canteen and lodging.

The Scuola Normale Superiore offers a high-level preparation in undergraduate and non-university research, it is private, even if it collaborates with Pisa State University.

The duration of the study is 5 years. Mathieu is interested in a physical chemistry course: from “Brilliant would like to work in biomolecular research“.

Knowledge gained by attending the chemistry major at Itis Delpozzo’They were necessary to pass the initial placement test and reach the next stage. These 5 school years’ studies helped me gain good knowledge of chemistry, both in theoretical and laboratory fields, through a functional method and excellent teachers.Matteo is now focused on facing and passing the state exam in the best possible way, and then after due, there will be the actual summer entrance exams.

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To him and his future projects our best wishes!