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“I have to undergo chemotherapy again. I feel very tired and fragile.”


“I’m going to start chemotherapy again. “I will finish at the end of June near the wedding of Paolo and Clizia.” With these words, Eleonora Giorgi, who recently turned 70 years old and was diagnosed with… cancer The pancreas, and gave news about his health condition immediately after the operation.

The actress had to be in the Pomeriggio 5 studio for the Friday, June 14, episode to give her a hug Mirta Merlino But she couldn’t do it: her energy was too low. In this regard, Eleonora Giorgi wanted to provide some updates about her health. «Eleonora I wanted to hug you, but despite everything I managed to be there. “Despite all the adversity, well done,” the announcer emphasized.

Sayings of Eleonora Giorgi

“Dear Mirta, we have succeeded but I am only speaking on the phone,” Eleonora Giorgi pointed out. Thank you for calling me a tiger but I am being bombarded by very dangerous treatments which exist thank God. And so instead of the normal postoperative course of prophylactic chemotherapy (as I imagined) in reality, everything is much more difficult and that is why I could not come to you. But at least the phone call was like that.” “I don’t forget when you said to me, ‘I’m in a period where I feel very vulnerable but I feel protected by you,'” urged Mirta Merlino with playful eyes. “You are a woman who protects, you have incredible strength,” Eleonora emphasized. You are a model.” She explained: “Sometimes I feel good, and I even manage to be kind, but unfortunately yesterday was like a cloud. Chemotherapy is like that and it frustrated me. Let me hug all the fans who are very close to me.”

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