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We are not alone: ​​what we think we know is deception

One of the most popular and popular destinations in the United States is Pacific NorthwestA land of forests, mists and waterfalls that have nourished for years the desire to travel alone, wrapped in the enigma of humid and unspoiled nature. It is, not surprisingly, the puzzle site par excellence, a site Twin Peaksand home to supernatural love and cult for millennials: Bella Swan meets a vampire you’ve probably heard of, Edward Cullen, among those Pacific Rim trees.

The new movie stars Dan Burke and Robert Olsen, significant otherAvailable on Paramount + with Italian title We are not aloneThey chose to come here for a romantic weekend getaway, but Micah Monroe (Ruth) and Jake Lacey (Harry) They will not show us a romantic comedy or an emotional tragedy. Ruth They suffer from panic attacks and anxietyPerhaps because of her parents’ violent divorce, and solitude in the woods doesn’t seem so bad, she needs a break. Harry is a good big boy, smiling and energetic. He’s also passionate about setting up a camping tent and roaming the woods and confident he’s already gone to the Pacific Northwest and has been frequenting it with his family for years.

The movie starts as a thriller with a heroine From youth promises horrorMika Munroe, who became famous thanks to Follow, While on the other hand, the protagonist is the classic “nice guy”, the good guy, Jake Lacey, who appeared in HD And the white lotus. For this reason, it seems that the revelation of this story has already been decided, but our main enemy is precisely the viewer’s conviction that he knows the end, and The trailer for the movie itself deceives and misleads us. “We asked the production not to highlight the highlights of the story in the trailer, which is a marketing risk of course, but this movie is based on a big cliffhanger principle and the demand for trust that directors make for the audience.” Explains Bob Olsen, who played Burke and mocked the horror genre in miscreants.

The section for pure entertainment has been removed, for your viewing pleasure A story that begins as a classic Halloween and ends up becoming a science fiction, There’s still an idea in the background: This movie demonstrates the power of prejudice toward heroines. “You mentioned Bella Swan talking about my character and it’s true that the supermodel here evolves: Ruth flips the story of the girl in love, who forgives everything and defends her relationship against the world” Monroe explains as we speak in a room in New York. “Ruth is the girl with a very common mental health issue that is discussed by those around her a lot” The mystery does not lie in the contents of the pills prescribed by the doctors or what is true and what is not.

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