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Common Current Account, Here’s What You’re Risking: ‘Attention’

In an economic context such as the current one that is increasingly “dominated” by electronic payments, the concept of Bank account It has undergone more than a few changes to adapt to the times: getting one is much simpler than in the past, the “technical” stage of account management has also improved. In this sense, the common current account is a fact that is not so “modern” but, if not used properly, can actually lead to serious problems. Let’s see what kind.

what is he talking about?

It’s basically a file sharing For a definite account between two or more subjects, who share various credit operations, withdrawalDebit the account in any way. Our state has allowed for a long time to have a joint account, it is possible to create it “from scratch” or transform a traditional account in this way.

In our country, two forms of joint accounts are allowed, one with a joint signature or with a separate signature. The latter is the most “free”, as it provides complete freedom on the part of the shareholders, who can carry out any form of operation without “consulting” other shareholders. On the other hand, the common form is the most stringent, as it requires the signature of consent from all owners to carry out operations.

Common Current Account, Here’s What You’re Risking: ‘Attention’

The cassation recently ruled on actual problems with taxation and declaring money in a joint account. If there are two joint holders, the money is considered to be owned jointly by all the joint shareholders, in equal parts, so if one of the shareholders does not pay taxes or perform any “unconventional” transaction, the counterparty is also liable, even if they may not be aware Violations. It is also very difficult to prove one’s alienation in this sense.

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The same applies even if a shareholder decides to make withdrawals in excessive amounts, thus exceeding the limit that we have already discussed.