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Climb a 147-meter skyscraper for the weather

Climb a 147-meter skyscraper for the weather

In less than half an hour he climbed to the top of a skyscraper 36 floors Which is located in the east of the British capital A Stratford.

A place not chosen by chance. There has been a devastating flood hit recently. Pudding Mill Lane tube station, also in Stratford, was one of eight stations that were forced to close on July 25, when as much water fell in London in one day as a month.

“I wanted to draw attention to severity of climate change, Because only a week before this flood, my city was exposed to an extraordinary heat wave “- said King Thompson.” I climbed this building to tell the policy that it is necessary to act as quickly as possible.”

The young climber trained for a week, studying every aspect and every surface 147 meters Who were waiting for him for the company. He secretly tried to climb a few floors at night.

But one aspect he did not think about.

For the first eight floors, The windows were sticky, so they had a fist, but later, no. And they became slippery, a factor I didn’t take into account.”

The man admitted that this kind of climbs the capital too much cool, but he also foresaw the possibility of falling and landing on a surface below it, without posing a danger to others.

However, he took a risk this time too, because policeAccording to the report, he sent a helicopter to inspect the Stratford area, after a man was seen heading towards the “elevation”. However, once there, clients were unable to locate King-Thompson who had already integrated into the building’s architecture.

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The boy was arrested in 2019 after climbing”fragment“In London, with a height of 310 meters, is the tallest skyscraper in Great Britain. The owners of the building denounced this: 6 months in prison turned into 3 for social services.