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Chinese Rocket in Autumn: Sicily Among Possible Destinations.  And NASA stick Beijing

Chinese Rocket in Autumn: Sicily Among Possible Destinations. And NASA stick Beijing

New updates regarding the fall of the Chinese “Long March” missile, scheduled for tomorrow evening. Based on the current autumn forecast, the Civil Protection clarified that, from the measurements, three different paths towards Italy cannot be ruled out yet. The latter can affect the central south, in particular Lazio (from Latin to the south), Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily.

By the hour, predictions about the fall of the central stage of the Chinese “Long March 5B” missile, in an uncontrolled return to the atmosphere, are becoming more accurate. The most recent updated estimate, made by the American Aerospace Corporation, puts the event at around 20.26 (Italian time) on Saturday, July 30, with an uncertainty of around 6 hours. However, the situation is still evolving: the margin of error will remain large until the end.

The Poggio Renatico Space Situational Awareness Center, in coordination with the Defense Space Operations Command (COS), operating under Operations Command Interforces Vertice (Covi), is monitoring the uncontrolled re-entry into the atmosphere of the second stage of the Chinese rocket, which on July 24 moved the Wentian unit From the space station of the People’s Republic of China to orbit. So far, atmospheric entry is estimated late into the night of Saturday, July 30.

Yesterday there was a meeting of the National Operations Committee of Civil Protection, at the invitation of the head of the administration Fabrizio Corcio, to assess the return to Earth of the second stage of the Chinese PRC-CZ5B missile launcher: the possibility of one or more parts of the missile could hit Italy, but it is not possible to completely exclude it.

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The 53-meter-long rocket blasted off from Hainan Island in China and delivered a new unit to Tiangong, China’s space station. NASA has asked the Chinese space agency to design its rockets to disintegrate into smaller pieces upon re-entry, as is the norm internationally.

In May 2020, fragments of another Chinese Long March 5B launcher ended up in a populated area of ​​Africa, in Côte d’Ivoire, damaging buildings but causing no casualties.

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