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China, firing missiles at military exercises.  Taiwan activates defense systems

China, firing missiles at military exercises. Taiwan activates defense systems

Chinese aircraft incursion

On Wednesday, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense reported that 27 Chinese fighter jets raided the air defense zone. In a tweet, the ministry explained, “27 aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army entered the area around the Republic of China on August 3, 2022,” and changed the traditional sign of Adez (Air Defense Identification Area) and understood that. Maybe something different happened today. The fighters reported are six J-11s, five J-16s, and sixteen Su-30s.

Examination of maps published by the Taipei Ministry of Defense shows that six J-11 and sixteen Su-30 have crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait: this move, although not the first of its kind, shows the greatest aggression on the part of part of the Chinese armed forces . According to protocol, the Ministry of Defense disarmed its fighters and activated radio warning messages and missile monitoring systems.

“America with Taiwan, now more economic ties”

During the visit, Nancy Pelosi met with President Tsai Ing-wen, in a confrontation that China considers a “serious provocation.” Pelosi is the highest US office to visit the island, which China claims as an integral part of its territory, in the past 25 years. Beijing responded with threats, parades of aircraft over Taiwan, military exercises and commercial retaliation.

Pelosi promised the Taipei authorities “iron support for democracy in Taiwan,” including “issues of security, stability, economic growth and governance,” topics that were the focus of his meeting with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. Pelosi stressed at the joint press conference that the United States wants “Taiwan to always enjoy freedom and security and not retreat,” in the context of the struggle “between tyranny and democracy in the world.”

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Relaunching his mission message, Pelosi added that “America is with Taiwan,” and a bilateral trade agreement could be “imminent,” thanks in part to recent US semiconductor legislation paving the way for “better trade.” . economic.” Pelosi also took the opportunity to criticize the Chinese administration in Hong Kong.