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China, Covid tracking app will be used to prevent protest

China, Covid tracking app will be used to prevent protest

For the protesters, immediate isolation was imposed for 14 days. It is suspected that Henan authorities misused the Covid tracking system to avoid potential disruptions. In fact, the scandal affected hundreds of thousands of people: it is believed that more than 39 billion yuan, about six billion dollars, was frozen.

The case of the failed protester Tom Zhang

– The owner of a textile company in eastern Zhejiang Province, Zhengzhou police arrested Tom Zhang and detained him in a local library for 12 hours. He’s seen his app icon turn red while on a train from a city where there have been no positive cases. “The red code has certainly been used to restrict our account holders,” Mr. Zhang said in an interview. He and hundreds of other savers were intended to file a complaint to the banking organizer of Khania Province on Monday, June 13, after they were unable to withdraw their money for several months. On the way to the airport, the health symbol suddenly turned green.

Relatives of account holders are also victims

– It is not known how many were involved, but Chinese reports indicate that the problem occurred in several towns and villages in the same area. Among those affected, many relatives of bank customers appear. “I’m not a customer, my father deposited some money in a bank and now he can’t take it out,” said a woman residing in Zhumadian, a city 200 kilometers from Zhengzhou, who was compulsorily transferred to a hotel. quarantine. Once its status turns red. “Currently, those who have seen their icon turn red can only contact their community managers to change their status. After taking two tests for Covid within three days, their status can be changed again,” he said. Chinese Health Commission.

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breaking the rules

The case caused a sensation on Chinese social media, as many indicated the possibility of abuse of power by the authorities. “Health symbols should only be used for epidemic prevention purposes,” said Hu Xijin, a famous Chinese commentator and former newspaper editor. It is clear that using health laws to restrict the freedom of movement of people is a violation of epidemic prevention laws.

How does the app work

– The China Use the app

Alipay Health Code

, which relies on two tech giants such as Alipay and Ant Financial. The app assigns each user a QR code, which turns red if you’re positive and green if you’re negative, based on some parameters such as health status, place of origin, movements and contacts with possible infection.