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Letizia di Spagna

Letizia from Spain in fuchsia with the shoes she stole from Kate Middleton

Letizia Spain Go back to the public and visit the Madrid Book Fair with the fuchsia plaid dress from Hugo Boss, which tastes like summer. But the real gem in her look are the new shiny pink rope shoes, Favorite Kate Middleton And the true trend of the season we all want to have.

Letizia from Spain, a fairy tale in fuchsia

It’s been a few years since then Letizia Spain Don’t miss the book fair. In fact, Rina’s passion for reading is well known, so she takes the opportunity to open the important opening event and walk between the stands where she usually manages to do Some personal purchases.

So Donna Letizia is back at work after a relatively quiet week that saw her participate only in a prep meeting for her trip to Mauritania where she wore a Hugo Boss jacket. On the other hand, this past weekend has been very busy for the royal family then Juan Carlos returned to Spain for three days.

Letizia Spain

Waiting to be seen next to Felipe at the parade of the armed forces, which will take place in Huesca on Saturday 28 May, Leticia wore comfortable and new clothes Hugo Boss Fuchsia DressBoho style, with three Botosini in the front, long rolled sleeves, and a delicate belt in a tonal color. The dress is a recycled one, in fact Rina wore it for the first time last year but then actually determined that it was a dress from the previous collection, so it will likely be a part of her wardrobe at least from 2020.

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Spanish Letizia, rope shoes like Kate Middleton

The real novelty of her look is the rope shoe. subordinate Brand new espadrilles With a wedge heel and laces at the ankles, natural fuchsia, adding more 15 pairs He already owns it. These are Letizia’s favorite summer shoes and she wears them whenever she gets the chance, if court protocol allows. Even if Rina, I know, doesn’t have much of a problem stylistically and sometimes she dares too much, like in a fuchsia dress with cut-outs on the sides that caused quite a stir.

Letizia rope shoes from Spain

Letizia from Spain and the new rope shoes

Rope shoes are also my favorite Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has even, in recent years, promptly challenged the Queen to bring her, though Her Majesty informed her of her disapproval, deeming her unsuitable for a lady of her rank. But William’s wife did not want to abandon her, despite Elizabeth’s reproach.

Back in Letizia, her fuchsia look is complemented by a pair of yellow gold hoop earrings and her ring by Karen Hallam, a gift from her daughters Leonor and Sophia.