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Orietta Berti, exciting farewell to "Casa", what would you do - Libero Quotidiano

Orietta Berti, exciting farewell to “Casa”, what would you do – Libero Quotidiano

Uretta Bertie He will be about to end his short experience in GfVip. In fact, she supports singer Sonia Broganelli as a commentator on Alfonso Signorini reality show. The news was first reported by Alessandro Rosica, who calls himself a “social investigator” on social networks, and then elaborated by Alberto Dandolo in the weekly. today.

In short, it seems that starting with the next release of Canale 5, things will change. Bertie will be leaving the show, but she will not be “out of a job” for long. As mentioned by Dandolo, in fact, once the experiment ends in Mediaset, the artist can immediately return to Rai. in downloads today We read that Orietta will almost certainly return to the table what’s the weather like, transmission by Fabio Fazio on Rai 3. But that’s not all. Because the singer was also going to close an agreement to star in one Known from Rai storiesOr “May God help us” even in one episode.

Urietta Bertie, thanks to her generous contract, is offloading her job as a columnist for the latest edition of Big Brother VIP – writes Dandolo -. However, the iconic Emilian artist will have a guest role in an episode of the next season of the hit TV series Rai1, Che Dio help us.” The magazine revealed that the artist will also have a prominent role in another show: “Next year in addition to resuming his seat at the table what’s the weather like By Fabio Fazio, it is rumored that Orietta will have Leading role In a master network show”. She can be selected as a juror in That and that appear?

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