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Subsidy bis: 1,600 euros for seasonal tourism, leisure and sports

Seasonal workers in tourism, spas, leisure and sports will receive a one-time allowance of up to 1,600 euros. This is stipulated in the support decree bis. The first DL abutments set aside an allowance of 2,400 euros for the same workers.

These are the new measures announced by the MIC:

Compensation for 1,600 supply workers

Specifically, an extra extraordinary compensation of 1,600 euros will be donated to 43,000 business workers who have so far been affected by the compensation paid to professionals affected by the pandemic containment measures, which, as has already happened with the Sostegni Decree Law, will affect an expanded audience of beneficiaries. In addition to artists and workers who have at least seven working days and an income of less than 35,000 euros, those who have had at least thirty days of work and an income of less than 75,000 euros will also be compensated.

205 million euros for theater, cinema and acoustics

Then 210 million euros will be allocated to augment the existing emergency funds, divided as follows: 20 million euros will be allocated to support state museums; € 45 million for the Current Account Fund and € 120 million for capital interventions for the Entertainment, Film and Audiovisual Emergency Fund; 20 million euros for the Business and Cultural Foundation Support Fund.

More money for the authors

Reward distribution for audio and media recording equipment and media is then adjusted, simplifying the mechanism for paying the share of rewards earmarked for authors, performers or performers to ensure faster support for groups particularly affected by the current emergency. Moreover, part of the spontaneous contributions to the development, production and distribution of cinematic and audiovisual works is dedicated to subject, screenplay, and music authors and directors, thus reinforcing the principle of co-authors’ participation in success. Among the works is recognition of a contribution dedicated to date exclusively to film and audiovisual companies.

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TOSAP exemption for departments and travel offer

In addition, to support the circus and traveling exhibition, their activities are exempt from paying temporary occupancy fees for public places and venues until August 31, 2021, and paying municipalities over 8 million euros for refreshments without non-collection of these taxes.

Another 4 months reem until September

Another four months of emergency income comes from June to September. This is stipulated in the draft of the Sostegni bis decree allocating 884.4 million euros for the year 2021.
The fees for each month, as required by the restart decree and the Sostegni decree, range from 400 to 800 euros. May be submitted to INPS by July 31, 2021.

500 million euros for culture

The Sostegni bis decree also has 500 million euros for culture. It is the sum total of a series of “significant new measures” announced by Minister Franceschini, including an additional compensation of 1,600 euros for show workers; Refinancing the emergency fund for entertainment, cinema and video, for the emergency fund for cultural institutions, the state museums work fund, measures to support the mobile show. “Interventions to help workers, companies and reality in the entertainment and museum sectors,” he explains.

Holiday bonus is also at travel agencies

The holiday bonus is extended and can also be used at travel agencies and tour operators, as well as hotels, agrotourism, and B & bs. The Council of Ministers is considering a draft decree of “Susteni bis”.

120 million in activities in crisis, including weddings

The 200 million fund created by the Sostegni Decree to support activities particularly affected by Covid, such as catering in historic centers and organizing weddings, is increasing by 120 million. This is what was foreseen in the Sostegni bis Decree project, which allocates 20 million to theme parks, aquariums, geoparks and zoos. The tax exemption for stocks in the textile, fashion and accessories sector increased by 50 million in 2021 (from 45 to 95 million) and by 105 million in 2022 (from 45 to 150 million).

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50 million for car, work and school bus sharing

A fund of 50 million euros, set up by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, to disburse grants for companies, public administrations and schools that, upon appointment of a mobility director, prepare a plan by July 31, 2021 for home-to-work trips for staff and school from home to home for school staff and pupils. In particular, the decree provides for the allocation of up to 35 million euros in contributions to the benefit of companies and public administrations that will benefit from these contributions to finance sustainable mobility initiatives, including car assembly, car sharing, and bicycle and bicycle assembly. -Participation.
Another 15 million euros has been allocated to schools to fund initiatives for sustainable mobility from Bidibus, car assembly, car sharing, bicycle assembly and bike sharing.

200 million for large companies and 400 million for aircraft and stopovers

With the subsidy decree bis, a series of refinancing funds created during the pandemic for the benefit of companies and sectors affected by the economic crisis arrived. In the draft that reaches the CDM, 200 million appears for the fund to support the large companies created with Cora Italia, 100 million to the compensation fund for the aviation sector and 300 million to support the airport sector. To support the restoration of rail traffic, an additional 150 million dollars were also allowed to be spent for 2021 for Rfi, as well as to reduce fees for the use of railway infrastructure.

500 million municipalities have a deficit

And by establishing a fund in the Ministry of Interior that will “reach 500 million” for municipalities that “exacerbated the administrative deficit on December 31, 2019 compared to the previous year.” This is stipulated in Article 52 of the draft decree of Susteni. The decree bis states that it is currently examined by the Council of Ministers. The decree also provides for a contribution of 100 million, in 2021, for the non-collection of the municipal tourism tax.

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