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Travel Switzerland and Italy: Mayor of Lavina Ponte Teresa

Travel Switzerland and Italy: Mayor of Lavina Ponte Teresa

Editorial Board
May 30, 2021 7:51 PM

It appeared after the statements of parliamentarian Alfieri that the Italian government came close to establishing a kind of free zone 30 km from the border to allow the Swiss neighbors to enter Italy “for needs, services and commercial feelings.” Alfieri’s remarks date back to May 21, and he declared that the solution to the problem “was going to be a matter of days”.

A few days passed but nothing has changed: anyone from Switzerland wanting to go to Italy must have a negative smear in the past 48 hours (Here go deeper) And also fill in the Online tracking form.

It is affected above all, and not only, the border countries.

Lavena Ponte Mayor Tresa Massimo Mastromarino (he, too President of the Association of Italian Border Municipalities) Local politicians and administrators have been asked to make an exception, at least for Corpus Domini which is an important holiday for the Swiss (June 3).

Mastromarino said as reported in Corriere del Ticino:

“The situation on the border is getting tense. Especially after France and Germany relaxed the rules of movement between countries. Thursday June 3rd is the Corpus Domini celebration. Celebration in Switzerland with a business bridge for many companies.
The Ministry of Health issued a decree of non-compliance with the time limit on the 20 km border strip. As for our economic activities, it will be the beginning of a recovery and above all a sign that all policies have not abandoned our lands. I ask each of you to do everything in their power to ensure that the assignment is duly signed. “

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