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By Friday, spring atmosphere, but the first real heat will not be this week, there is a date »

Weather: By Friday, spring weather, but the first real heat will not be this week, there is a date

Expected temperatures in the next few daysfrom here to Friday The Temperatures They are set to make a huge leap forward to reach very respectable peaks for this period, which certainly gives us a spring-like vibe, at least over much of our country.
However, thermometers will not peak during this week. The models are in agreement and the latest update has given more certainty in this sense: we can say that, and now there’s a date First real heat of the season.

Of course, in the coming days, a spring climate will certainly envelop many of our regions.
between Thursday 7 and Friday 8, The maximum values ​​will rise especially in the northwest and along much of the Po Valley, and above all due to the influence of the autumn winds expected specifically in the northwest regions, at the bottoms of the Trentino-Alto Adige Valley and in some areas of Emilia-Romagna. In these areas, plumes of mercury can also rise to touch i 24/25 degrees Celsius.
Autumn wind, also called Di Fohnhas the property of high temperature in its strong path from the tops of high mountains towards the neighboring valleys and plains, causing a sudden rise in temperature.
However, a general increase in temperatures is also expected in the rest of Italy.

Later, over the weekend, this context weather forecast almost climatic late spring However, he would take a step backwards, due to the cold wind coming from the northeastern quarters.
But this will only be a small respite from the surge of thermometers, as in the middle next weekto be exact from Wednesday 13th April, it is possible that the African cyclone will wake up, ready to encircle our country. So it would be so History That temperatures will rise more evenly than these days, making us taste a complete climate picture maybe To all, thanks to the general good weather context.

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However, we are staying grounded given the distance in expectations: it is better to wait for more updates before finally putting heavy clothes in the closets.