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Earth-like Venus?  Two space missions are ready to check it out

Earth-like Venus? Two space missions are ready to check it out

The search for life outside our planet It mainly focuses on MarsSo much so, that even Elon Musk would have decided to build a colony on the Red Planet, but Another planet might be suitable for hosting life.

It will be Venusone of the closest planets to Earth and could be much more than that Our planet is more like Mars. Moreover – as has just been said – it is necessary to consider Venus It is much closer to us than Mars.

with regard to The size and density of this planet is very similar to the Earth.

Of course there are also problems: in the case of Venus is the fact that his The atmosphere is absolutely toxic And the surface is truly infernal.

In any case NASA decided to carry out two missionsthe name of the thing “DAVINCI +” and “VERITAS”, by the end of the decade so we can get to Venus. These two tasks can stand out, thanks to images and data, The fact that Venus was very similar to Earth.

In an interview with the tabloidthe sun‘A few weeks ago, Dr. James GarvinThe lead officer and investigator for mission DAVINCI+ said:The search for habitability is part of our research at NASA. We can all dare to hope“.

The means that will take on the task led by Garvin It will be equipped with a series of cameras capable of penetrating the dense atmosphere of Venus In order to also be able to measure the chemical content of the latter. However, Garvin is so excited that he can say: “We expect to be able to discover a new catalog of chemical elements“.

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remarkably The DAVINCI+ mission team admits they don’t expect the probe to last long But in any case it will be possible to achieve a lot through Venus map from above as well as thanks Trace the chemistry of the atmosphere.

Garvin concluded:We can achieve all our goals without touching the ground“.

The mission will probably start in 2029 It will travel through space for six months before reaching Venus.

Water can be detected on Venus: Here’s the VERITAS space mission

with regard to The mission “Veritas” will have the task of “searching for water vapor in volcanic plumes”, As explained by Director Anthony Freeman.

Freeman said, “If it were disclosed – This means that water can still be detected inside Venus“.Moreover, the professor is convinced that checking for volcanic activity”It will rewrite the history of our sister planet“.

And therefore In addition to Mars, there could be Venus to be able to host life on its surface (Although it must be said in the distant future) But to be sure it will be necessary to wait several more years.