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But is summer really over? We reveal if (and when) LUCIFER, HOT AFRICAN WILL RETURN »

Weather: But is summer really over? We reveal if (and when) Lucifer, the hot African, will return

Summer is really over, or Lucifer will returnAt one time it was the August storm that finally broke out in the summer. Storms and slightly cooler temperatures this year came a little later, let’s say a week late.
But the question now arises: Is summer over or will the great African heat named Lucifer return?

Italy, now, as often happens (and not only in meteorology!) Located fact Between Satan and the depth of the sea: There are two wonderful Meteorologists who begin to challenge each other in a ruthless struggle, in arm wrestling that has no winners or losers at the moment; On the one hand, we have Fresh and unstable Atlantic currents that are generated in the northernmost latitudes of the European continent, where autumn has already begun to run (and where summer may not have even begun); On the other hand, there is Hot African flames still desperately trying to climb northCrossing the Mediterranean, flopped and dash toward our boots.

What will emerge from this conflict?? First of all strong Contradictions: This will be the slogan for the next few days, so it features My time, even the powerful, who have already begun to take an interest in Italy, extending from Venice to our central and southern regions.

in the front of the Temperatures, on the other hand, Despite the new North Atlantic winds blowing, the African heat will still be able to show its effect, even noticeably, especially in the south, the lands closest to the anticyclone’s place of origin. We’ll have an example of this already at the beginning next week, when warm currents rise from the right North Africa They will try to recover at least part of the SouthAnd With temperature Will return decided above average.

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So the summer is over? No. Of course, it can certainly be said that the sweltering phase that drove us in August to reach record values ​​of 48.8 °C in Sicily is over, but that does not mean that the summer season has abdicated.

exactly the contrary, A new summer can be born now, more Enjoyable, with a pleasant atmosphere and live, with memories always, whether it is a vacation, or just a weekend, a night out, or a star.