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A powerful explosion on the sun creates a storm that will reach Earth, possibly later this month, with scientists worried

A powerful explosion on the sun creates a storm that will reach Earth, possibly later this month, with scientists worried

Explosion on the Sun: A sunspot has caused an eruption of a solar flare that will reach Earth with serious effects by the end of the month.

Solar flare (Photo by Adobestock)

Stellar event detected by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, which confirmed glow from AR2859 sunspot. The eruption resulted in a Class C3 explosion and the expanding circular shadow consists of hot and magnetic plasma, which travels to At a speed of 177 thousand km / h.

To get an idea, it is kind of space tsunami, which propagates after a coronal mass ejection, CME, which is moving toward Earth, with Impact date estimated on August 30th. These are not exceptional events, because the Sun often “erupts” mass, especially from so-called sunspots. These are giant magnetic structures that appear on the solar disk as dark regions, and the frequency of their appearance is followed by a period of about 11 years. They appear darker than their surroundings because the intense magnetic field that forms them (up to 2000-3000 Gauss) prevents energy transfer from the deep layers of the star, cooling the structure. Therefore, 11-year cycles have highs and lows as we reach the very moment when there is the greatest solar activity.

But what could this mean for our normal daily lives? First of all, it must be said that there are no real dangers, because our planet protects us with its atmosphere and its magnetism.

Solar flare: dangers to all communications on August 30

Solar flare (Photo by Adobestock)
Solar flare (Photo by Adobestock)

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The volcanic eruption was expected by a much denser, and therefore larger, solar wind Gaseous material emitted from the coronal hole that already caused some problems for the Earth’s magnetosphere on August 25This is because it travels faster. However, the effect was minimal and did not cause a geomagnetic storm.

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Instead, the ejected material is made up of electrons and protons which can generate some problems when they arrive. The first to participate are the satellites orbiting our planet, but later we may have problems connecting to our cell phones and also problems connecting to Wi-Fi.