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The little-known abdominal exercise that is fun and stress-relieving

The little-known abdominal exercise that is fun and stress-relieving

After the holiday, there are two problems that many of us face. The first is definitely a homecoming and routine. Beaches or mountains and their peace greet each other. Relaxation is over and you return to the stresses of daily life and work. The second problem is that we have to deal with it online. We may have rightly let ourselves go during this period. We left the diet and allowed ourselves to eat more food. On the other hand, when you visit new places, you also go on a culinary journey. Now, we need to get back in shape and face the return to everyday life in the best possible way. But what if there was a way to solve both problems in one fell swoop? Here then is the little-known abdominal exercise that relaxes and relieves stress.

Art teaches us

We are not talking about art as you think. This is themartial arts, This is our inspiration. If we look at athletes who have devoted themselves to some of these disciplines, we will see a light fitness. Specifically, a flat stomach and a sculpted belly. Moreover, we know that these sports release a lot of tension and rejuvenate the mind and body. There is a specific feature of some of these martial arts. It is about the use of legs in combat. We see these athletes deliver fast and powerful kicks. We think it’s the legs that make the difference in movement. In fact. This is not the case. It is the abdominal muscles that give the impetus to these techniques. It is here that we will be inspired.

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The little-known abdominal exercise that is fun and stress-relieving

So let’s see what we need to do to beat the stress and get back into shape at the same time.

Let’s get into position: arms close to the torso, one leg in front and one leg in back. We begin by kicking the leg and rotating the pelvis. We put the leg forward, then kick with the other leg. The important thing is to rotate the entire pelvis with each kick. When doing this rotation we will activate the abdominal muscles strongly. In this way, we will fully train them. This means that we will stimulate both anterior and oblique. Continue the movement for about a minute, then follow it for another minute. This technique, due to its dynamism, will also allow us to relieve stress. So we will have a double result if we do this exercise. Perhaps, after the first few times, we try to increase the speed more and more.

The advice is to do this exercise in the morning as soon as you wake up. We explained the reason well in the article The best way to burn fat while exercising.

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