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Brazil, Hospitals without sedatives: "We intubate people when they are awake by tying them to their beds. It's torture."  Bolsonaro: "Putting the country back on the right track"

Brazil, Hospitals without sedatives: “We intubate people when they are awake by tying them to their beds. It’s torture.” Bolsonaro: “Putting the country back on the right track”

one in Brazil It is now A health disaster. Not only are there the impressive numbers, which keep growing, for the pandemic to be trusted: as the site was told. St 1 By a nurse fromAlbert Schweitzer Hospital Realengo is in the eastern region of Rio de JaneiroIn the capital’s hospitals are now Also finished with sedatives. And so, with tens of thousands of people pouring into the nation’s facilities every day, doctors are forced to Intubate more serious patients while awake, Without anesthesia, and carry them with Tying hands to the bed.

118 Covid patients have been admitted to the hospital from which stories reported by the Brazilian portal arrived, of which 40 are in intensive care. “They are awake, without sedatives, and intubated, with their hands tied to the bed and They beg us not to let them die“Mechanical ventilation without sedatives,” says the nurse It is a real form of torture To the patient, “the ICU doctor added Aureo do Carmo Filho.

The situation does not change in other buildings in the city. Another nurse works on itSao Jose Hospital He said some of the 125 Covid patients had died from a lack of sedatives. “We do not have drugs, nor do we have sedatives for ICU patients, unfortunately Many of them don’t. We health workers help with despondency and crying because there is nothing we can do. We don’t have syringesWe don’t even have needles. “

The country is now traveling at an even more rate 3 thousand deaths a day, As the total exceeded the threshold of 360 thousand since the beginning of the epidemic, while the injuries during the past 24 hours exceeded 73 thousand. But the boss Jair Bolsonaro, Which still maintains Slot line Despite the emergency, he tries to divert attention to Economic crisis Because of the epidemic: the country is “at the limit” and said it was waiting for “a signal from the people” to “act” because Brazil has become ‘Powder magazine’ Ready to explode due to the social problems generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Brazil at the maximum, People say I have to act Announce – I am waiting for a signal from the people because hunger, misery and unemployment are there for all to see, only those who do not want to see do not. I don’t want to argue with anyone, but we’re about to have a serious problem in Brazil. What will come from all this, where do we go? It looks like it’s in a powder keg. There are people in suits who do not want to see it. “

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His strategy will end under one lens Parliamentary Investigation Committee Regarding the management of the epidemic that the Brazilian Senate approved yesterday, as indicated by the Supreme Court judge, Roberto Barroso, Which had called last week for the creation of a consumer price index on any “Omissions” of the executive branch. The composition will be known within ten days, when the parties have designated their representatives, after which a date will be set for the start of deliberations. For his part, Bolsonaro accused the judge of being someone who had no “personality”, and also threatened to promote his dismissal. The CPI application was submitted by the opposition senator, Randolph Rodrigues, Which the head of state may have committed to ‘Responsibility crimes’. Senator Eduardo GomezThe leader of the government bloc suggested that the committee start the session only when all of its members receive the vaccine against Covid-19.

MSF: Public health messages are linked to political messages. It’s a disaster – Also Doctors without borders, Through its boss Christos ChristoDeplores “negligence.” Brazilian authorities“Why” in more than a year of this epidemic, the response has failed Brazil Caused a humanitarian catastrophe. Every week there is a new record for dead e Infections. Hospitals are overcrowded, yet a coordinated central response is still scarce. ”Christo adds,“ Health workers Cristo stressed that they are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, and despite their absolute commitment to their patients, and despite their skills and professionalism, they were left alone to pick up bits of the failed government response and improvise solutions.

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“ The actions we’ve seen work in others Contexts, Such as fixing Movements Activities, use MasksPromote Spacing My body – my body And increased hygiene measures have not been implemented at this time Brazil“, I mentioned that Doctor, Stressing that “the Medical facilities Essential medical supplies and other life-saving materials are running out. There are shortcomings OxygenHardware Medici e pharmaceutical “It is used for intubating critically ill patients and personal protective equipment, while the scenario is expected to worsen in the coming weeks and months.”

at Brazil, “Messages Public Health “They were associated with political messages, and as a doctor, I cannot accept them,” the head of the non-governmental organization said. “Wear mask It is not a grip put PolicyBut what needs to be done to slow the spread virus. The Science And backward medicine has been undermined. And this is not just a problem False news And misleading information. There is apparent lack From Political will To check this pandemic”, Has been announced.